August 12: Rose Lemberg

August 12, 2010

this walrus dances/goose-bumped by the tidal moon/the walrus whirls,/tusks touching/shadows/folded by the skin/upon the snow

Rose Lemberg @grayrose76 is your friendly neighborhood surrealist. She edits Stone Telling, a magazine of literary spec. poetry.

2 Responses to “August 12: Rose Lemberg”

  1. […] written and published in 2010, for the upcoming Dwarf Stars anthology. “Walrus” was published as a twitter poem, so I am especially happy that it will appear in print – in its quirky, walrusy form! Not One […]

  2. […] 26 (my other published poem featuring the Journeymaker is the Cycle). The short-short “Walrus” from last year’s Trapeze magazine will be reprinted in the Dwarf Stars 2011 anthology […]

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