Submissions are currently OPEN.

trapeze magazine is listed on Duotrope’s Digest. Please report your responses.

WE PUBLISH TWITTER-LENGTH FICTION. This means that your piece(s) must be no longer than 140 Characters (not words), INCLUDING punctuation and spaces. No one said this is easy.

Please DO NOT send simultaneous submissions. I will do my best to respond within a few days.  Reprints are sometimes accepted, but unpublished pieces receive priority. Please provide include with your submission where your piece was first published. Self published pieces that have homes on your personal blogs or twitter feeds are also accepted.

Please include with you submission:

1) Your twitter ID, handle, name, whatever you call it. If you don’t have a twitter account that’s okay (you do not need one to submit) but if you do, include it with your BIO.
Ex: @thisismytwitterid

2) Up to THREE fiction or poetry submissions in ONE upload.  Go to the Submittable (used to be called Submishmash) submission manager page, choose your genre by clicking “submit,” use the text box to upload your work.  Please wait for a response before sending another submission.  Again, include all your stories and poems in ONE upload.

3) A 140 character BIO (including spaces and punctuation). Please include at least your first name and your twitter ID. You can be as general or as specific as you like, you can include a link to your blog if you like, only stay within the 140 character limit.

If you do not have a twitter account please say so in your cover letter.


Send up to THREE (3) stories, 140 characters MAX, containing science fiction, horror, fantasy, speculative or surreal content.

Do not send “mainstream” literature. trapeze is not a mainstream magazine and is not interested in showcasing mainstream.

Please check your grammar before you submit and please do not try to make your story longer by removing spaces between periods/full stops and the beginning of the next sentence.

If you want to include a title with your piece please make sure that it is not integral to the plot, trapeze does not publish titles.

Upload your submission via Submittable.

DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS.  Please include all of your stories in one upload.


Send up to THREE (3) micro poems or haiku of a speculative nature, 140 characters or less.

Science fiction and horror poems are rare beasts so if you think you have something nice, please send it.

trapeze is not interested in publishing mainstream haiku.

Please do not send us poetry with line breaks. If you want us to recognize line breaks, please illustrate them with a “/.” As always, be sure to check your grammar and punctuation if you use any.

Upload your submission via Submittable.  Again, use the text box, it is shiny.

DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS.  Please include all of your stories in one upload.

Do Not Send:

NO multiple grammar mistakes, it’s your job as a writer to polish your work and send us your very best.

NO gratuitous violence (no matter how artistically you paint the town red), erotica (even though you can get into that position in 140 characters) or religious ideologies (this is not the place for that sort of talk).


Example of Twitter Fiction:

When the flowers fell from the sky, blue and purple petals bruising the gutters, only a few prepared for the plague.

Example of Twitter Poetry:

street becomes river/ a labyrinth of rain/ car becomes boat (first appeared in @7×20)

Response Time:

As soon as you send a submission you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive this email please contact the editor at trapezemag (at) gmail (dot) com. Response time will normally be within one week.  If you have not received a response in two weeks please email the editor at trapezemag (at) gmail (dot) com.

Payment and Rights:

There is no payment at this time. You own your story and can do whatever you want with it after we publish it. We do retain the right to keep the story or poem in our archive. By submitting you agree to give trapeze magazine these rights if published.

Submittable Submission Manager:
Click Here

If this is your first time submitting to trapeze magazine you will need to create an account with Submishmash. The registration page will pop up automatically when you access the form and don’t worry, it’s free.

trapeze magazine uses Submittable to process all submissions.

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