May 7: S. Kay

May 7, 2014

“I only fall in love with writers,” she said. I decide not to mention my title-writing bot, and instead auto-generate a poem about her hair.


S. Kay is a linguistic @blueberrio.

February 25: Mark Connors

February 25, 2014

“Cut!” he says to his cast, after shooting the gory final frame. He likes to pretend he’s directing movies but the actors are all dead now.


Mark Connors is an author from the UK. He tweets fiction @markywriter. He is also the editor of Twiction Addiction @twictionaddict

February 20: S.T. Bockover

February 20, 2014

He regretted selling his soul, so he bought a used one online. He felt guilty writing over the previous save files.


S.T. Bockover writes speculative fiction. He lives among the pine beetles and ghost towns west of the Missouri River.

February 19: Kelly Phipps

February 19, 2014

She woke up. It was lunch time. The sun set. She was eating breakfast. She clocked out. Seriously, these time jumps were getting annoying.


Kelly Phipps defies categorization and frequently checks the “Other” block. @KelGPhip

“Follow the yellow brick road,” those smug little bastards said. It was an ambush. Only the tin man survived.


Julie M. Rodriguez writes tiny true stories, flash fiction, and draws animals in outer space. Follow at: @julierwrites &

February 17: Robert Menegus

February 17, 2014

She’s a cyborg, so skinny dipping was off the list. But hey, one portal closes, another opens. We took shock massage to a whole new level.


Robert Menegus is a bipedal Earthling with a fancy for the world of ideas. @RobertMenegus

Dear Diary, I love the sound of the rain against the terraforming dome. It reminds me of Earth, and our last date before the shuttle launch.


Glen Luke Flanagan is a Virginia journalist and generally cool cat. He likes biscuits and gravy, Joss Whedon, and Estonia. @GlenLFlanagan