Author Showcase: Reuben Hinman

March 26, 2011

Reuben Hinman @Scificomedyguy is a practicing pacifist that trains baby seals in the art of nuclear warfare.

t m: Tell us about your writing style.  How do you construct twitter fiction?

R: My writing style is as varied as I am. I like to write all sorts of things, humor, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, thriller, mystery, feel-good stories, no genre is safe from me. Although in general my style depends on what I’m writing. When I’m writing a humor story, I focus on descriptions and depict mundane life, characters, or beliefs in a silly way, or if I’m writing a sci-fi adventure, I try to include as much action and plot development as fast as I can while keeping the story rolling.

I construct twitter fiction a lot like a one-liner joke, I do a quick set up, and quickly follow up with a punchline.

t m: What first inspired you to write twitter fiction?

R: Right now I am a graduate student that is working as a full time statistical analyst. So as you can imagine I don’t have much time to write. When I first found a twitter fiction story, I was excited because it allowed me to explore my hobby while keeping up with a busy schedule. I also was inspired because twitter fiction lends itself to my favorite genre of writing, humor.

t m: Do you write anything besides twitter fiction?  If so, how do you transition from one style to another?

R: I write all sorts of things. I have written books on gambling, and fiction that ranges from flash to full length novels. As far as style goes for short stories I focus more on characters and quick interactions, while longer works allow me to create intricate plots and write in such a way that it allows a reader to immerse themselves in the written world and its characters.

t m: What advice would you give to other writers who have never heard of twitter fiction?

R: I would tell them to write it like I did. Sit down, think of a really short scenario, and write a really short story about it. Just make sure to keep it under 140 characters. Other than that, I would tell them to do what I always tell writers that are just starting out to do. Have fun, and write because you want to, not because you have to. 98% of good writers never get professionally published, so don’t let that hinder you. Writing is an art that should be practiced regardless of whether or not anyone else is reading. It is something not only good for the soul, but it also helps you gather your thoughts and makes you more focused. Also if you are a sadistic writer like me, it gives you an outlet to create all of those weird ideas you’ve got floating around in your head!


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