March 19: Dominic De Mattos

March 19, 2011

Nightmare of space-time / whirlpool of insanity / Hell’s stellar highway
Sci-Fi in Haiku / an under-rated hobby / Writer not published. Visit @DominicSFF

4 Responses to “March 19: Dominic De Mattos”

  1. Apologies the website is
    The @ in the bio was a . getting to big for it boots.

  2. trapezemag Says:

    Apologies on the website error, it’s been fixed now :)–Jessica Otto

  3. Thanks Jessica.

    But in fairness to your wonderful mag – I think it was my own ineptitude in the first place!

  4. Debs Says:

    Congratulations, Dom. The first of many I”m sure.

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