Author Showcase: Michael Donoghue

November 25, 2010

Michael Donoghue’s @mpdonoghue twitter fiction has appeared in trapeze magazine and other twitter fiction sites. Some of his “longer” work can be found in Short, Fast and Deadly. He loves infomercials, people watching and daydreaming.

tm: What inspired you to start writing twitter fiction?

M: I stumbled upon Thaumatrope and my brain promptly exploded. Here were entire stories in a sentence or two. Some weren’t even proper sentences. Fragments! But in some of those fragments there was a whole experience. I was hooked.

Plus the kitchen tiles needed grouting and the deck resurfacing. When the question becomes “write or grout,” writing is always going to win.

tm: What drew you to the speculative genre?

M: Find nowhere on the map. Got it? So now, keep going. Are you there yet? Now, beyond THAT place, there’s where I grew up. When you’re a kid in the middle of oblivion, with miles to roam, the place you tend to travel most is inside your head. I don’t think that’s ever left me.

tm: Describe your writing process, how do you write a twitter story?

M: Hemmingway said that writing is easy, “All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” He was wrong of course, but only because nobody uses a typewriter anymore. I’m no Hemmingway, but the process, for me and many others I suspect, is still the same.

You come up with in idea, maybe it’s a remark you overhear, something you’ve read, or an interaction you see, it really doesn’t matter how it comes to you.

Then translating that idea into 140 character story – difficult. Sometimes it gushes out, like rainwater out of a drainpipe and – bam – it’s done. Perfect.

But most often it’s like a scab that you just keeping picking at for a week before it you finally pull it off.

tm: What is the hardest thing about writing twitter fiction?

M: Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. “Why didn’t they like that story? It was the best story ever written. No it wasn’t, it was the worst. An abomination to the English language.” *hangs head in shame* “Pointless. Give up. I’ve got no talent whatsoever . . . Wait! What if I reverse the POV, rearrange these three words and…”

2 Responses to “Author Showcase: Michael Donoghue”

  1. great explanations,
    great expectations,
    and great sense of humour…
    this should be in the Dummie’s Guide! -))

  2. Michael – Thanks for the mention of Short, Fast, and Deadly! Excellent thoughts on the Genre!
    Warm Regards,

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