Author Showcase: S. Kay (Installment 1)

September 25, 2010

S. Kay is a talented twitter fiction writer.  Here are her 140 character thoughts on twitter fiction.

tm: Tell us about yourself and what you like to write about?

S: Lately I only do microfiction (SF/horror/literary), but did write a novel and published short stories and poetry. I’m also a pro blogger.

tm: Why do you write twitter fiction?

S: Microfiction’s great because it’s fast to write, publish, and read. It’s a challenge as a new literary form, and suits my writing style.

tm: Do you remember the first twitter story you read? What was memorable about it?

S: I don’t remember the first story I read, but @Outshine was my first twitfic zine. I loved the concept and started writing it.

tm: What do you think is the most important element in a twitter story?

S: The twist at the end after a vivid setup. It needs to be strongly evocative, quickly, then move a corner and be unpredictable but strong.


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