September 23: Milo Fowler

September 23, 2010

Leathery wings tangled, she falls from heaven’s love-making, crashes to Times Square. Rises from the crater. Smiles at the morning after.

Milo @mfowler76 teaches junior high English and writes in the dark. Visit him anytime, day or


7 Responses to “September 23: Milo Fowler”

  1. Cort Ellyn Says:

    Wow, I’ve never read a Tweet-tale before. It’s like poetry! Love it.

  2. Kathleen Gabriel Says:

    Picturesque and expressive.

  3. Ahh, this has a phoenix risen quality to it… and the flow is so smooth, it’s Haiku-like in it’s simplicity. Thank you for sharing! ~Denise Douros

  4. Simon Kewin Says:

    Great stuff. Did the picture on your blog come before or after?

  5. Enigmatic and evocative. The phoenix motif likewise occurred to me.

  6. Love the image of the “leathery wings,” and “heaven’s love-making” is simply poetic. This embodies such a strong visual and ignites the imagination.

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