Author Showcase: Carma Lynn Park

August 26, 2010

Editor’s Note:

As we close August I present to you the works and thoughts of Carma Lynn Park.

Carma Lynn Park @carmapoet has been reading/writing science fiction and fantasy for (mumble, mumble) years. She is currently working on image-poems with her collaborator. Along with her thoughts on twitter fiction and poetry, she shares three image-poems titled: Poppies, Reading the Palm and Snowfall Blooming. The poems are transcribed below the image.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Jessica Otto, Editor

tm: Tell us more about yourself, what you write and your writing process.

C: I can’t imagine myself not writing. For the past several years I’ve tried to write a little every day or almost every day. Sometimes, though (as in the past few weeks) I get caught up in deadlines, and work (or a powerful desire for sleep) pushes writing aside.

I write short fiction and poetry. I’ve tried to write novels, but either they flicker and die or they transform into short stories. Long doesn’t seem to fit the shape of my brain.


Lipstick red mouths
open around black-tongued stamens
for a death kiss

tm: What inspires you to write micro fiction?

C: My experience writing poetry has given me a passion for compression. This has seeped into my fiction, and I enjoy writing flash fiction and micro fiction, although from time to time I generate longer works, up to 12,000 words.

Another motivation is saving time. I edit and edit my work, and the shorter the story, the less time the polishing and buffing process takes.

Reading the Palm

Sweat and dirt and blood
carve creases in the palms;
head line; heart line; life line.

tm: How did you discover twitter literature, and what was your first reaction to the genre?

C: Let me see, how the heck did I discover twitter literature? I was reading Duotrope’s Digest (“an award-winning, free writers’ resource listing over 3000 current Fiction and Poetry publications” at, and came across Outshine as a twitter publication.

It was an intriguing concept, twitter fiction, but I was skeptical. How could you possibly tell a story in 140 characters or fewer? But I saw some examples, and began to try it, and yes, it can indeed work.

Snowfall Blooming

Canvas and colors.
Flowers are still opening
while the snow drifts down.

tm: What advice would you give to other writers about creating twitter literature?

C: Each word counts. Seek out punchy ones, especially verbs.

You’re not going to have the space to develop a character.

Many twitter stories focus on interesting situations, often with a twist – a reversal of expectations. Think O. Henry or Saki (H.H. Munro).

tm: Thank you so much!


2 Responses to “Author Showcase: Carma Lynn Park”

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  2. rebeccah park Says:

    I love Carma’s work and unique insight on the world. I have a vague recollection of her mentioning the opportunity of writing stories in this format, but was not aware of the terms “flash” or “micro” when describing fiction – this interview makes me want to read more and look into the genre! A good, concise interview with good examples of her writing! Thanks!

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